09 Oct

Reasons to move to Las Vegas

It’s true that Las Vegas is a fun place with bright lights and entertainment. It has truly earned the reputation of “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” But if you look underneath the glitz, you will find that it’s also a great place to call home. The following reasons to move to Las Vegas will have you considering packing your job hunting clothes on your next trip to Las Vegas.

A Great Climate

Although a summer day in Las Vegas can be a really hot one, overall, the climate is highly desirable. With an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year, you will never worry about rainy days ruining your outdoor plans. And unlike some cities in the west, Las Vegas has distinct seasons. Summer is hot and sunny, spring is mild and dry. Fall has beautiful warm days with cool nights, and winter is cooler with even an occasional snowfall.

Outdoor Beauty

Las Vegas residents can drive out of town and enjoy an array of natural beauty. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area is a stunning example of iron-rich red rock mountains. They can enjoy skiing on beautiful Mount Charleston and visit Death Valley for breathtaking views of Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. There is also great boating on Lake Mead and bird watching at the adjacent Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve.

Great Road Trips

Living in Las Vegas means constant access to some great road trips. The Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Zion National Park, and Los Angeles and more are only a few hours away by car. A weekend in Hollywood or sunning on Laguna Beach is possible without a lot of travel expense.

Job Opportunities

With the relocation of Zappos to Las Vegas, a promising market for tech and startup companies has occurred. In 2015, Tech.com named the city one of the top seven places for startup companies. Additionally, Las Vegas is the site of dozens of established company branches. College graduates and those looking to get into a new industry will have good luck in Las Vegas.

Low Cost of Living

Relocating to Las Vegas means financial relief for many. The cost of living here is slightly below the national average. It does cost more to live here than in many rural places across the country, but if you thrive on city life, it is worth the difference and much cheaper than New York City. Jobs here traditionally pay better, even jobs like waitressing and bartending. Also attractive is the fact that residents pay no income tax. Groceries and medicine are exempt from sales tax.

Affordable Housing

Don’t let luxury vacation accommodations in Las Vegas fool you into thinking housing costs here are high. The latest Las Vegas real estate data lists the average price of a two-bedroom home at only $135,000. Average rentals are as low as $795 per month. New homes are not lacking in modern amenities. For those who choose a quieter lifestyle, plenty of housing choices exist in Las Vega’s attractive suburbs.
Did you know there are some great communities sprouting up in Southern Nevada? Check out Summerlin, Mountain’s Edge, Southern Highlands, Painted Desert, The Lakes, and also Desert Shores in Las Vegas. There are other great places in Henderson as well, like Anthem, Green Valley, and Seven Hills.