What to Look for In a Las Vegas Horse Property

Imagine sitting on a farmers’ porch, looking out on acres of rugged land. In the distance are a few horses indulging on stacks of hay mixed with corn feed and vitamins. They are healthy and the iced tea by your side makes the whole scene a perfect picture of Americana.

But if you want a slice of the picturesque via a Las Vegas horse property, there are some things that have to be in place.

There are features a buyer needs to check off the list before getting that picture-perfect desert paradise. And a qualified real estate agent with knowledge about horse property around Las Vegas can be the difference between happiness and hardship.

Let’s take a look at some of the priorities to consider when buying a desert horse property.

Zoning and water rights

Horses are thirsty animals and being in the desert, consider them very thirst. They drink between 5 gallons and 10 gallons of water a day and need access to water at all times. So, looking at the water rights of a property is very important.

You have to ask if having a well is OK or, even if there is water to the property, you can access enough water to manage horses. With that in mind, it’s a wise idea to check out local zoning bylaws to see what’s legal and what restrictions are put in place.

And there will be restrictions. Southern Nevada has very active conservation efforts that reduced the per capita water use 38 percent since 2002, according to the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Local zoning laws need to be researched anyway to see if having a horse property is legal on the land you have your eye on.

Las Vegas Stables and Stalls

If local zoning allows for horses on the property it does not mean it’s ready for horses. Potential homes surrounding Las Vegas may have the land and horse rights, but lack a stable or stall. With that in mind, here are a few things to consider whether the property comes with a “home” for a horse or not.

  • Is an existing stall old?
  • Are other buildings on the property, like an arena or place to keep hay?
  • Is there power and water in the buildings?
  • How about a waste management/drainage system?
  • Is there enough protection from the sun?

It’s fair to say that what one horse lover feels is adequate may be frowned on by another, so it is good idea to know what will work for you..

Horse Property Fixer-upper?

If a Las Vegas horse property is fitted for horses, it is wise to inspect everything. There will be wear and tear at any property and unless you are looking for a fixer-upper, that’s what you could end up with without proper due diligence.

Inspect the property alongside an equine expert. They can assist in finding all the problem areas as well as identify the items that may need upkeep in a couple years.

Get expert advice about your potential Vegas horse property from LasVegasHomesForsSale702.com. When it comes to finding the best value for the best cost, it pays to have the right expertise on hand.